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I need all of these. Need.

I love the Hemmingway and Salinger quotes. They would be perfect in my office.

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"When something does not go your way, don’t feel bad about it and don’t waste energy on it. Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of preventing something bad from happening to you. Just a thought."

- hmmmm…… I’m in deep thought mode, lol


Phan Thu Trang



maybe she’s barn with it


maybe it’s neighbelline

laughing so hard at this post right now :D

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Another small watercolor drawing (continuing the earlier motivation-seeking comic) that was also turned into a gif!
I wonder if you’ll spot the shadow of a murderer in a background.
Well, I just told you it’s there so you will.

A little annoying that a gif file can not exceed 500 kb, so I had to decrease its size quite a lot. But hey, it’s just a gif, right?

omg this computer gif is me watching my asian dramas instead of studying for my exams lol